Summary of External Funding

NSF (500K$) (Co-PI with Martin Reisslein) “NeTS: Small: LayBack: Layered SDN-Based Backhaul Architecture and Optimization Framework for Small Cells and Beyond” Project Website:

NSF CCF 247896 (498K$) (PI, with Qing Zhao) “Online Learning and Exploitation of the Radio Frequency Spectrum with Sub-Nyquist Sampling Receivers”

UC Davis RISE (Co-PI with Karl Levitt, James Bushnell, Anna Scaglione, George Barnett, Nicole Biggart, Hao Chen) “Cyber Security for Critical Infrastructures”

NSF SaTC CCF-1229008 $839,997 (Co-PI with Karl Levitt, Jeff Rowe, Paul Kesidis, Jim Bushnell) “TWC: Medium: Collaborative: Towards Securing Coupled Financial and Power Systems in the Next Generation Smart Grid”

DOE-Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (2010-2011) (CERTS): The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions:(90k$)(UC Davis PI) “Operations and Markets Analysis Project 3D: Direct Load Management of Electric Vehicles”

DOE DE-OE0000097 (2010-2015) (1m$) (UC Davis–PI) “TCIPG: Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid” center lead by University of Illinois a Urbana Champaign (UIUC), Dartmouth College, University of California at Davis, and Washington State University.

NSF CCF-1011811 (2010-2013) (300K$)(Co-PI with Ali Sayed, Cristophe Chamley, Steven Pratt and Jose Moura) “Cooperation and Learning over Cognitive Networks”

Blue Highway/Welch Allyn (270K$) (2009-2011) )(Co-PI, with Alyssa Apsel and Rajit Manohar ) “Protocols for Data Exchange on Remote Sensing Platforms”

NSF NETS Medium (905267) (165K$) (2009-2012) (Co-PI, with Elza Erkip, Shiv Panwar, Yao Wang NYU-Poly) “Unlocking Capacity for Wireless Access Networks through Robust Cooperative Cross-Layer Design”

NSF (0834582): (2009 2011)(Co-PI, with Alyssa Apsel and Rajit Manohar 764 K$) “CSR-DMSS,TM: Distributed Computing With an Ad-Hoc Network”

NSF – CCF – Collaborative Research (0729074): (2008 2010)(Co-PI, with Tara Javidi and Kristi Morgensen 292K$) “New Communication Infrastructures For Networked Coordinated Control”

NeTS-ProWin — COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH (0626751): (2006-2010) (PI, with M. Gastpar, J.N. Laneman & Z. Haas, $900,532) “A new taxonomy for cooperative wireless networking”

NSF-FMF-CCF-0514243 (2005-2008) (sole PI, 393,281$) “Scalable Scheduling and Transmission for Sensor Systems”

ONR – BAA 04-008 “MIMO Precoding and Multi-Node Diversity Enhancing the Range and Reliability of HF Transmission” (Co-PI, Phase I (2006-2007- 18 months): 160K$ to Cornell; Phase II (2007-2008- 18 months) 160K$ to Cornell) (PI S. Galli, Telcordia Tec. Inc., Co-PIs T. Banwell Telcordia Tec. Inc. and Lang Tong, Cornell U.) Phase III (2009-2010) 193K$ to Cornell.

NSF – ITR CCR- 042827(2004-2010) (Co-PI, 1,000,000$)”Activity-Driven Computing and Communication for Cooperative Distributed Networks” (co-Pi with Rajit Manohar, Cornell U.)

NSF Grant CCR-0431077 SGER (2004) (sole PI, 95K$): “Cooperative networks: a framework to derive scalable cross-layer designs”

NSF [Career Award] CCR-0133635 (2002-2005), (sole PI, 350K$): “Precoding for high bit rate wireless modems”

ONR DURIP (2002-2003) (Co-PI, 497K$)”Cornell Mobile Wireless and Sensor Network Test bed” funding to buy equipment for wireless networks experiments (with L. Tong (PI), R. Manohar and S. Servetto, Cornell U.)

NSF Grant CCR-0347514 SGER (2003) (sole PI, 75K$): “Scalable cooperative communications in adaptive large scale networks inspired by natural swarms”

NSF Grant CCR-0227676 SGER (2002) (PI, 99K$): “Routing and Data Compression” (with S. Servetto, Cornell U.)