Reports and Software


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  • Eran Schweitzer, Anna Scaglione, “Automatic distribution feeder generation”.[Paper] Link to the software repository: synfeeder




  • Dennis Yueping Leung, “Distributed Source Coding for an Acoustic Sensor Array” [PDF]
  • Zheshen Zhuang, “Correlation Model for Images taken from cameras with overlapping views for Distributed Source Coding” [PDF] [2006_DSC_matlab.zap]


  • Santiago Castillo, “Ad-hoc Sensor Networks: Routing & Source-Coding Opportunistic Communications for the Reach Back Problem” [PDF]
  • Dalia Burgos, “Cooperative Transmission in Wireless Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks” [PDF] [2003_burgos_matlab.zap]
  • Laura Hotca, “HID Interface” [PDF] [Bibliography]
  • Luke Hejnar, “Multi-hop Sensor Network Simulator and Software Defined 4-PAM Modem” [2003_hejnar_matlab.zap]
  • Alan Tsui, “Ad Hoc Network Node: Generic USB Device Driver Development” [PDF]

Presentation: Overview of ad-hoc network projects (Best viewed with Internet Explorer)


Presentation: “Swarming Sensor Networks: Synchronization of Distributed Agents”

MEng Project: Francisco Bastidas, Rahul Kopikare, and Gaelle Protat, ” Wireless Incoherent OFDM Modem” [PDF]

Undergraduate Project: Yulin Wang and Luke Hejnar, “Multi-hop Sensor Networks”