Postdoctoral and Research Affiliates

2014-2015 Dr. Xiaoxiao Wu – (Signal Processing, Optimization) joined in 2017 Shenzhen University, China as Assistant Professor

2014-2015 Dr. Masood Parvania -(Power Systems) joined in 2015 University of Utah as Assistant Professor

2011-2012 Dr. Tsung-Hui Cheng – (Signal Processing, Optimization) joined in 2012 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology as Assistant Professor

2008-2012 Dr. Zhifang Wang -(Power Systems) – joined in 2012 VSU as Assistant Professor

2008-2010 Dr. Ramy Tannious, (Information Theory) joined in 2011 Aviat Networks

2007-2008 Dr. Tuncer Can Aysal, (Signal Processing) joined in 2008 Weston Capital Management

Ph.D. Students

2013-2017: Hoi-To Wai (Optimization, Signal Processing, Network Science), PhD thesis in Dec 2017, “ New and Provable Results for Network Inference Problems and Multi-agent Optimization Algorithms”, Assistant Professor in Chinese University of Hong Kong

2014-2017: Lorenzo Ferrari (Communications), PhD thesis in Dec 2017, “ Techniques for Decentralized and Dynamic Resource Allocation”, Joined Qualcomm, USA as a Senior Engineer

2013-2017: Reinhard Gentz (Communications), PhD thesis in July 2017,“ Wireless Sensor Data Transport, Aggregation and Security”, Joined the Data Science and Technology Department, in the Computational Research division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, USA as a Computer Software Engineer

2009-2014: Mahnoosh Alizadeh (Power Systems), PhD thesis in August 2014,“Reduced Order Models for Load Management in Power Systems”, Joined the group of Prof. Andrea Goldsmith as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Stanford.

2009-2014: Saeed Bagheri (Communications) PhD thesis in August 2014, “Interference Resilient Techniques in Wireless Communications Systems”, Joined Qualcomm.

2009-2013: Xiao Li, (Signal Processing, Power Systems) PhD thesis in December 2013,“ Large Scale Data Sensing, Inferences and Processing in Networks”, Joined the group of Prof. Kannan Ramanchandran as Post-Doctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley

2008-2013: Lin Li, (Signal Processing) PhD thesis in December 2013, “Multi-agent Data Fusion: Subspace Model Discovery and Information Diffusion in Networks”, joined ARL

2007-2013 Andrea Rueetschi, (Communications) PhD thesis in May 2013 “Receiver Architectures for Collision Free Cooperative Radios”, joined ABB

2006-2010: Roberto Pagliari (Network science) PhD in May 2010, thesis “BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED ALGORITHMS FOR WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS”), currently with Applied Communication Sciences

2005-2011: Matthew Sharp (Communcation) (PhD in January 2011, thesis “ PILOT SIGNAL DESIGN FOR ESTIMATION OF SPARSE CHANNELS WITH APPLICATION TO COOPERATIVE SYSTEMS”), joined Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

2005-2010: Ercan Yildiz (Signal Processing) (PhD in April 2010, thesis “INFORMATION DIFFUSION IN COMPLEX NETWORKS VIA GOSSIPING”), joined Accenture Technology Labs, now with Google

2005-2010: Shrut Kirti (Communication) (PhD in May 2010, thesis “COOPERATIVE PROTOCOLS IN DENSE WIRELESS NETWORKS FOR BROADCAST AND CONSENSUS”), joined as Technical Advisor the law firm Ropes & Gray LLP

2001-2006: Azadeh Vosoughi, (PhD in May 2006, thesis “Tracking and Equalizing channels in communication systems and data compression”) joined the faculty at the University of Rochester in September 2006. She is currently Associate Professor at the University of Central Florida, since 2012.

2002-2006: Birsen Sirkeci (PhD in May 2006, thesis “Distributed Cooperative Communications in Large Scale Wireless Networks”), a Postdoctoral Researcher at UC Berkley in 2007, she joined the faculty at San Jose’ University in September 2007.

2001-2005: Yao-Win-Hong (PhD in August 2005, thesis “Data Driven Communications for Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks”) joined the faculty at National Tsing Hua University – NTHU – in Taiwan in 2005 where he is currently Full Professor.

Master’s Students

2012-2014: Georgia Koustandria (currently, PhD student at the University of Rome La Sapienza, in Computer Science)

2012-2014: Irene Spanou (graduated in March 2014)

2008-2010: Stephen Lim (graduated in June 2010, UC Davis)

2001-2004: Atul Salhotra (graduated in January 2004, Cornell University)

2001-2003: Obianuju Ndili (graduated in August 2003, Cornell University)

2000-2001: Unal Sakoglu (graduated May 2001, University of New Mexico)


Master’s of Engineering Students (one year degree at Cornell University)

Graduated in May 2002: Gaelle Isabelle Protat, Rahul Kopikar, Francisco Rafael Bastistas

Graduated in May 2003: Santiago Castillo, Luke Hejnar

Graduated in August 2003: Dalia Burgos, Laura Hotca

Graduated in December 2003: Alan Tsui, Avik Sur

Graduated in May 2005: Jade Lin

Graduated in May 2006: Dennis Yueping Leung, Zheshen Zhuang


Undergraduate Research

2002: (Summer Project) Luke Hejnar, Yulin Wang

2002: Honors Project Linda Pan, Olasubomi Oluwatobi Awe,

2003: Marvin Chan, Eng Hwa Leonard Lim, Zhi Wei Kam

2003: Lih Feng Cheow, Chihiro Fukami, Aman Chawla

2004: Aman Chawla

2004: Lih Feng Cheow, Abhijeet Agarwal

2005: Bibo Xu

2006: Jeff Woodworth

2007: Eric Alexander Jarva

2009: David Perkins, Jalal Elidrissi, Chaoyi Ye